Friday, August 29, 2008

Karen Ingram

New York wild birds

Andreas Samuelsson

How to make tourist shots...

Laura Varsky

The Obelisk for Laura's climbing flowers

Viva Madara-zu

A unique technique to saw trees

Anamachy Painting

Japanese Breakfast

Atsushi Kaneishi

Apple Icons

Ingela och Vi

A-ir Baloons, A Fox & An Original

Young Lee

... just moved to London

Lisa Jones

Another great laugh: the eyes of the poodle and the monster are "real" joggle eyes!!!

Graphic Airlines from Tat

..and Tat's pink monsters go shopping

Monday, August 25, 2008

Yoshitaka Shimura

landed safely...

Yoko Abo

Yoko likes to have a swim in front of the Tempel in Asakusa

Tomosuke Uematsu

Geisha's cozy cat

Robert Hanson

The Bode Museum Berlin is watching you!


Betty's and Brockmann's foot print grid system

Andy Smith

Hasting's mermaid

Soo Kim

Miss Shiny Pop Liberty

Jon Burgerman +1

See-through doodle in front of the Nottingham Castle

Kenn Sakurai +1

Vancouver flower steam

Rob Barber

The land of the damned

Jon Frickey

The clue to the puzzle: Carl der Grosse chopped in pieces and the Michel Church
with an international time display!!
Pls see the other cards in the blog list at "Postcard arrived safely, from whom!"

Jessica Wilson

The Royals

Gianni Rossi

Wrapped in the wonderful paperbag: Life at Marina's seaside

Hanna Melin

London security with an embroidered chicken


Praha's new boygroup

Deanne Cheuk

NYC Fireworks

Alexandre Pierson

Alexandre danced from Paris to Berlin....

Nathalee Paolinelli

Scanning impossible! Attached to this postcard are 12 eyes with paper strips.
The length is over 2,5 meters ;)
Will decorate it definetly nicely through the Sunshine Studio - thxx

Marcus Walters

Marcus used to live in the city, but is now living in the countryside

Shantell Martin

Big Ben Bells in the heart of Shantell's Universe

Alan Funkbuilders

Singapore sewn sticked and drawn in felt, fabric and illustrations

Joel Lardner

Greetings from the rough sea of Swanage in Dorset

Yke Schotten

and if we need the rain, we'll go to Rotterdam!

Sittisak Sakornsin

If we are in Thailand, we'll definetely drop by and enjoy the beaches

Maureen Gubia

From Ecuador to Lyon

Damion Silver

Greetings from the early 1900

Fiona Wylie

Salamanders in Alicante